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19-10-11, 06:56
ok so im 17 and my worry is things to to with the brain ..

i was worried there for maybe 4-5months about vCJD, i kinda got over it and convinced myself there was nothing wrong with me.. so here i am totally anxiety free and then suddenly dizzyness just hits me like a ton of bricks, i did not get anxious i just shrugged it of for a week or so.. but now im starting to worry because if i really think about it my symptoms are actually worsening over time.
So cutting a long story short im now convinced i have multiple sclerosis because these symptoms all match and i cannot control them :( im hardly anxious anymore aswell and i still get them (ill put symptoms below) so i just want a bit of advice what to do next im petrified and im getting into the anxiety state i was in before with a new disease but this time im getting really horrible symptoms that actually link...

symptoms - dizzyness (extreme) face twitching,arpund head also, cold limbs, memory problems, problems concentrating and working out what im going to say next, mini sezure like sensations in my head, feels like my limbs are very weak.

additional info- been mri tested 5 months ago all good but i wasnt having these symptoms back then, been blood tested and urine tested last night all good again. i just dont know how this can be anxiety when i shut my eyes i lose my balance and its making me freak out because i could do that easily a few weeks back.

any replies would be appreciated as im really stressed out about this thanks - kevin

19-10-11, 09:09
ALL of which are also symptoms of Anxiety, panic and stress.

Please don't worry, I think you should see the GP to put your mind at rest anyway.

Vanilla Sky
19-10-11, 20:15
Does not sound like MS to me

19-10-11, 21:27
EVery symptoms is a symptom of MS it can affect different parts of the brain....
But taking vitamin D is said to help.
50 % of MS people, have something wrong with their eyes, it can be detected by looking into your eyes with a light , so ask your doctor or go for an eye test if it will help you reassure yourself :)

Ask your doctor for blood work to check for vitamin deficiencies and to tell you if you are low in anything, vitamin b's if you are low in them can cause ALL those sensations.
So a good diet can really help you out there.

after that ask to see an ENT, to have your ears tested , if you are having bad constant dizziness.
Dizziness may also be because you have TMJ jaw issues which a dentist can diagnoise or you can self diagnose if you have the symptoms.
You grind your teeth at night, you jaw locks or pops or cramps up etc....

I started getting dizziness as a child right around puberty time then I started getting migraines and then anxiety. So it could be your hormones and you are extra sensitive to the changes.
Because you are so young, therapy can be extra helpful, I had CBT therapy as a teen and it really helped me manage my anxiety much better :)

Lucky you getting a MRI lol I have always wanted one just in case ;) But I can't breath in small spaces haha :)
An MRI would pick you pretty much any brain issues so be happy your brain is good and healthy :)

Keep a diary, write down your symptoms, how long they last, what you were doing before they started, how you felt, what anxious thoughts you are having.
You'd be surprised how often you can link anxiety to psychical symptoms.

20-10-11, 08:11
thanks for that, ive had blood work the dr's said im all good, the dr's gave me soom medication to help with the dizziness and ive to go back in 2 weeks if it hast gone and ill see an ENT doc, i have been having problems with my vision like blurryness but i can still see with some difficulties im realy scared and i actually think i have ms it must be because everything is worsening over time its just unberable ::(

20-10-11, 10:28
Hi Kevin. Mate take a deep breath and try to chill. You have had all the tests that can be done and you are a very healthy,fit and well young man. Anxiety is a nasty thing and can make you belive all sorts of things are wrong with you. Have faith in what the doctors are telling you. I also have the fear of MS and my symptoms are also symptoms of what could be MS,but so are everybodys who have anxiety problems. You are in the cycle of worrying and symptoms,and the more you worry the more your symptoms with feel worse and change. Let me list a few of mine to see if it will help feel a bit more at ease.

Tingling in hands,feet, legs, and on various patches around my body
Sore back muscles
Weak feelings in arms
Head ache
Sore dry eyes
Cold patches on my skin,sometimes like rain drops
Hot patches sometimes feels like sunburn
Eye floaters
Blue flashes in vision
Sometimes just want to cry
Feeling cold/or hot
Poor memory

I put these into Dr Google and he told me it is MS. I hit the panic button and wound myself up to the point where I had to go and see my GP. I have seen four different doctors and they have all said its not MS,and I have been refered for CBT.

I guess what im trying to say mate is that anxiety can make you feel so many different things as it is your brain which is on high anxiety alert,and you dont have to feel anxious to have these symptoms. You are only 17years old,I am 38 and have spent a good deal of time worrying about my health over the past years,so if you go and see your GP again dont be affraid to tell him that you want help to sort out your anxiety. I think deep down like we all do,we now its anxiety that is the cause of how we feel,but its accepting it is the hard thing. Asking your Doctor for help is the first step to making yourself feel better,and to beating anxiety. PM me dude at anytime if I can help,or if you just want to let of steam. Laters:yesyes:

06-11-11, 19:57
My sensation of dizziness/vertigo, imbalance seems to have been triggered by a trip away from my home and what is most known to me, just a year after my father died.
I´m a musician and I went to paris for 4 months… It´s been less than one week of returning home and since the first weeks of my stay in paris I began with a feeling of dizziness, vertigo that hasn´t gone away… I started feeling it at the apartment in front of the computer, thought it was nothing, then after some days i had a panic attack or something and nearly fainted at the metro… then i started feeling it more often...
i´ve always been anxious and do cognitive therapy back home, somewhat on the hypocondriac side… I´ve done blood tests in paris (not sure that counts for MS) oto.neurologist after a month and something of first symptoms (fukuda test, tandem gait, standing with eyes closed, fingers to nose, my pupils checked, postural, inner ear and eyes motricy all normal, no nystagmus or ataxia, he said he found me more than anything stressed) , MRI, babinsky test, blood pressure normal. And i still feel dizzy and when i walk a subjective feeling of not being well balanced. I still walk, ride bike, play the drums and sing, go in the bus or metro and don´t feel motion sickness…
So I search non stop the internet believing i have something wrong, that this can´t just be anxiety, having experienced the symptoms for so long (it´s gonna be 4 months)… I search forums of multiple sclerosis and think I have that.. and with the symptoms not going away i began to have trouble sleeping and became nervous, so i started taking bromazepan to have some sleep at night and freak out less… two days ago i´ve began feeling itchy, tingling feeling all over my body and get so nervous about it...
I´m gonna see again an otoneurologist , both my father and mother in law are doctors and say that the normal MRI pretty much rules out anything really serious or even MS, but i don´t know..
it´s been difficult i must say, would love some support..


06-11-11, 21:14
I have to tell you, i am 17 myself and this is something i am extremely worried about to. I get all the symptoms you do, and my dizzyness is extremely hard to deal with. Make an appointment with your doctor to put your mind at rest. x

06-11-11, 21:34
Is nystagmus a symptom of MS????
As many of you know, I have a fear of MS. My symptoms include:

Severe headaches
Weak limbs
Poor co-ordination
Problems finding the right word
Poor memory
Muscle twitching
....I'm sure there's more than that but those are the ones that spring to mind. Also, my bad patches come on every 4 months or so which I know is something that happens in MS. I've was diagnosed with ME 17mths ago but have always wondered if it was a wrong diagnosis. I've had a constant headache & severe dizziness for the past 13 days and doc says I have labyrinthitis, he said I have nystagmus.

Sorry, Kevin for hijacking your thread, just wanted you to know you are not alone.
K xxx