View Full Version : Regurin XL - Fast Heart Rate/Tight Chest

20-10-11, 11:56
I have been on these (60mg) for around 56 days now for a weak bladder and noticed the slightest of discomfort gradually come on in the centre of my chest ( a sort of tightness) in the last 4-5 weeks and I put it down to the pills. 60mg is the largest daily dose.

The information leaflet does say palpitations, fast heart beat and some chest pain are all possible side effects and this is why Ive linked to two. I didnt have any heart flutters or chest pain before starting them.

Went to the GP today to have an ECG just to be on the safe side and despite the symptoms the nurse told me a) the readings were normal and b) to make an appointment to see my doctor.

Just puzzled why, despite the symptoms, the test came up normal???? (or within a set of normal parameters perhaps?)

02-11-11, 11:26
I went to the doctor today and he agreed the symptoms were likely to be from the Regurin XL so Ive stopped taking it and they have receded.

The downside though is that for a weak bladder they did work to a point. its been a week now since i stopped taking the regurin and ive noticed im up again in the night two or three times and the abdominal pain is back to how it used to be.

so it can work but there are side effects that may mean its a toss up between suffering the fast heart beat and mild chest pain versus better bladder control.

going to see my consultant in Feb and I think my last resport will be Botox injection to the bladder as this has good reports.