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23-05-06, 19:08
hi guys i went docs AGAIN today and she said she wanted me to have an ECG as am having a lot of palpitations has anyone else on here had one???i just keep thinking its just not anxiety!!!does anyone else do not beleive their doctor or is it just me x

23-05-06, 19:26

I had a EGC done. It is a ultra sound of your heart. It is really neat actually. I was having many palpitations also. My results came back just fine, they just wanted to make sure. If they really are worried about your heart they would admit you into the hospital.. That is what I kept telling myself about my heart.

Yes I agree, it is hard to believe the doctors. Maybe you need to find one you could trust?

23-05-06, 19:41
thanks for your reply!!!!im glad yours came back ok take care rachel x

23-05-06, 19:58
Hi - I was sent for an ECG because I was having ectopic beats. It was very quick. You lie down and nurse puts electrodes (I think!!) on your chest and I had one on my knee and thats it - painless and over in minutes. The only problem I had was that I found it hard to lie still as I was so agitated!! My heart rate was too fast (because I was so anxious) but everything else was fine. I'm sure yours will be too.
Love Helen

23-05-06, 20:10
thanks for your reply helen.thats whats bothering mee too is the fact that i have to lay down!!!normally when im at the docs i cant wait to get out and am sitting on the edge of the seat glad yoyr was fine take care rachel x

23-05-06, 21:43
had about 500

no joking!

theyre really good at picking up things but im sure it will turn out normal

i believe that this is all anxiety i just struggle to believe it is not about to kill me

thanks for replying to my post. ive had palpitations for years, totally harmless im told

have you read claire weekes book " self help for your nerves ". she goes into depth about these horrible things


23-05-06, 22:06
Hi ceecee, Like jackie I have had loads, then beleive there is nothing wrong for a while. then the old health anxiety returns snd get scared again. I had a ECG at docs surgery about a month ago, lots of doctors have them at the surgery, I still had bad pains and palps so doctor sent me for a treadmill exersize ECG and still clear. Dont wory normal ecg takes less than a minute. take care. Vernon

23-05-06, 22:44
I've had ECG after being taken into hospital with chest pain, so tight thought I was having a heart attack, ECG was normal - just anxiety - didn't realise it at the time though


'This too will pass'