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26-10-11, 21:35
Well....I did something naughty, though it sent me right back to you guys again...I googled :-S Mind you if it wasn't for google I'd never have found No More Panic in the first place over 2 years ago now and made some wonderful and what I think will be life long freinds on here!!

Anyway back to the topic....I'm 5 weeks off having baby no. 7 and was taking Seroxat/paroxetine at the beginning of my pregnancy but when I found out I stopped taking it without telling anyone. At the end of the day I was so scared it would hurt baby and I didnt come clean until 2 weeks ago when I had my midwife appointment. I've bee feeling really low again the past few weeks, lots going on up there again in my thoughts etc etc...anyhow they want me to start taking it again before baby is born so I dont go right down low with postnatal depression. Trouble is the worry of hurting baby is still there and although the Dr has said it wont hurt baby, I cant help but feel this way.

So I googled it!!! And where did I fond myself....back here with you good guys...with a post that has put my mind a little at ease. So I have the perscription the Dr gave me last week and I'm going to go to the chemist tomorrow and fetch them...thats a big step in itself if I do it lol.

So theres that...and I just wanted to thank you guys for being there for me yet again....like you were the first ever time I found you and the many times inbetween!!! :-)) xxxx
Claire xxxxxxx

29-10-11, 03:35
:welcome:back! Baby no 7 wow!!!! I'd need more than Seroxat :)

Naughty naughty for googling, but I hope we can help if you need. There's always someone here to listen, as you know :hugs:

29-10-11, 04:35
Welcome back Claire. :hugs:

Glad ye found us again Claire. :yesyes:

Take care & be safe.

Rous. :shades: o O ( Dr Google is bad! Tsk Tsk! )

Vanilla Sky
29-10-11, 14:22
Claire , its so good to see you back . Taking your meds will not harm your baby , your doc is right , it will also help after you have had it .

No more googling :)

Paige xxx