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27-10-11, 18:14
Re: 2 weeks off Duloxetine - now the tears are hitting hard
What are the long term side effects of duloxatine to your body and do they continue to work after continued use.?

I have been taking cymbalta for 3 years ...yes they give you the runs and a few other side effects when you start the trick is to take them religiously at the same time in the morning. I take 30mgx2 every day they are good for your seritionin feelings, mood dips, temper and depression But I have problems every year at this time of year complete exhaustion and nearly all the symptoms low thyriod (which is checked and is always in normal limits) and wow, I am so hot all the time (I had hysterectomy and offerectomy 7 years ago and have experienced the change but these are feeling hot and sticky all the time not the flushes
has anyone any advice I would be so gratefull thanks anne


28-10-11, 20:49
Hi Anne I only lasted on duloxetine for little over a month. I am now on a different combination of meds. I too had a hysterectomy in 2007 and kept my ovaries. I was fifty this year and still suffer from very low mood this times of the year. My thyroid is checked regularly as I am on lithium and I have not started the menopause yet. I don't know whether I could already have gone through it after my hysterectomy? I am just posting to offer support as my symptoms are the opposite to yours as I am often cold and find it hard to keep warm. Have you tried any natural remedies such as 'black kohosh' for the hot sweats. Keep well. EJ.

31-10-11, 06:05
thankyou for your reply This time of year is hard for so many people is it the short day light hours?
The ovaries are responsible for the change not the uterus thus you may not have had the change yet you will know when it happens as you may have some of the usual symptoms and not many wowen have no symptoms at all take care x