View Full Version : has ayone been on 10mg for anxiety

anx mum
28-10-11, 13:57
My doc has upped my diazpam as im suffering from severe anxiety has anyone been on 10mg?

28-10-11, 14:42
Hi when i was at my worst doc told me i could take up to 12mg a day but i never did take that much! Are you taking any other meds to help you? X x

anx mum
28-10-11, 18:16
Yeah taking loads others too were u drowsy on them?

28-10-11, 18:53
No hun they never made me drowsy just really calmed my anxiety down loads x x

29-10-11, 00:30
I've been on 20mg a day when I was in a psych ward. I'm now on 12.5mg daily. x

29-10-11, 00:46
I do hope the doc is not allowing you on these long term as they are very addictive as you know.

I used to take 1mg and it helped me - 10mg sounds so much to me

29-10-11, 06:26
I once was put on 45mg /day as a muscle relaxant as I'd broken my neck.
Getting off them was hard but doable
I'm now on 10mg/day with no probs


29-10-11, 13:35
I was on 12 in hospital. No bother at all. It's not actually that much - it's considered a "moderate" dose. :-) So no worries!

30-10-11, 11:45
I was on 13 for years, try not to take them long term though as they are highly addictive (I'm tapering mine atm) good luck