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28-10-11, 21:51
i'm after a little advice. i managed to wean myself off 225mg venlafaxine & have been off them completely since july. the depression is back & i'm finding it hard to deal with. i've tried going back on the venlafaxine but the side effects are way too much. before this anti-d, i was on trazodone for a few months which killed 2 birds with 1 stone - depression & insomnia. the only reason i came off them was because i was finding it difficult to pee :blush:. has anybody else experienced this? what happened? i've an appointment with my gp on monday & was going to ask him about trying it again.

t, x

29-10-11, 02:54
I have no experience of this, but think your doc will be able to help. I'm on meds that require me to drink more water. It may be that you need to do the same if you go back on trazodone.

06-10-12, 10:36
I was on Traz for 18 days that's all and do recall being perched on the loo a while before owt happened, ha ha! I came off it because I thought I was having bad Se's from it but now realise I was going through Mirtazapine WD which I was tapering off at the time. I tried Venlafaxine this week and found it too difficult to start up too especially as my doctors won't support me with any Diazepam so I am now thinking of asking if I can give Trazodone another try if I'm still not ok in another couple of weeks when the Mirtazapine is totally out of my blood stream.

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T do you suffer with any anxiety as part of your depression as it's GAD I have not actual depression but my sleep is rubbish too.

06-10-12, 21:36
I've seen a few people online mention the same symptom.