View Full Version : I've been told to suddenly stop my Amitriptyline and am concerned, please advise.

poker lad
29-10-11, 04:10
Hi , I've been taking Amitriptyline (50mg) for about 13 months. I've been told by my therapist that i have to switch my medication to Cipralex, as it is more suited to my condition. He said i need to get the amitriptyline out of my system before starting my new medication.

I took my last tablet on Wednesday night, on Thursday is was told not to take any more and to start my small but increasing dose of Cipralex from Monday. I was told that i would not have any issues with stopping my Amitriptyline dose ('as It's a small dose').....I'm not feeling like that's really true, and upon reading some posts on here tonight (for the first time - which also makes me fell a little stupid not to have looked before.), my concerns seem valid....

It's now in the early hours of Saturday morning, and I really feel awful. While taking the Amitriptyline, I have always felt the sedative effects as quite severe, and enjoyed waking up this morning with a clear head. This good feeling has not lasted Right now i am quite anxious, feeling incredibly sick, and my tummy is cramping like crazy. Not to mention the cold sweats which have been quite extreme......

Can someone Please confirm that this is normal? & that I should just 'man up' and deal with it..... or if there is something i can do/eat/drink to ease my symptoms? I would really appreciate any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

29-10-11, 05:31
It is normal, I was on Amitriptyline (50mg) for over 2 years and when it came time to change I had to go a few days without so the drug was out of my bloodstream & system before I started the new drug.

Ye'll feel bad come the third day or so but it is something ye need to do & get thru before ye start the new meds. :)

The feeling yer getting the now are just yer anx worrying about the change, I went thru it too, but it'll pass soon once ye start the new meds.

Hope ye feel better soon.

Take care & be safe.


poker lad
29-10-11, 12:25
Hi Rous, thanks for for reply. I appreciate the time....bring on Monday :)

Cheers PL