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03-11-11, 08:52
I have taken this medication in the past. I had tooth/jaw pain which had been going on for quite a few months and I was really getting upset and anxious about it. In all honesty, I should have told the doc that I was suffering from anxiety but I went in and talked about the pain and glossed over the torment I was feeling about it all. I think it did help in that I calmed down after taking it for a while and didnt stay on it for long and had no significant side effects. Now I am really anxious and upset over another issue - not health related - which is probably not going to be resolved in the near future. I know I am totally over reacting to the situation as well.

My question is, would amitriptyline help me to calm down a bit. I am reluctant to take anything else such as citalopram as I am worried it might make me worse initially and I havent taken it before and I know amitriptyline is supposed to relax you. I know it is an antidepressant but this is anxiety so is it worth asking for. Help.

03-11-11, 09:12
I think it's best to discuss you issues with your Dr and take her advice.

03-11-11, 09:47
Thanks for the quick reply. I cant decide whether to go to the docs or not. I want to just sort this out on my own but dont know if I can.

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I've made an appointment for this morning. Might as well go and get it over with.

06-11-11, 15:22
Well the doc did not want to give me anything at all as it is too early just yet (a week I have been feeling like this) so I am no further forward. The amitriptyline I had before were given for pain so he wouldnt give them to me again anyway. Said give it time and I came away with diazapam only because I cried. So its wait and see.