View Full Version : Seroxat@ 10mg (1/2 tablet)?

26-05-06, 17:22

My doc has prescribed me 1/2 tab Seroxat for 4 days and then 1 whole tab thereafter for 4 weeks...I'm doing quite well (just been on Xanor/Xanax@ 500 mcg a day divided into 125/125/250), and was wondering will there be any harm if i just take that half Seroxat for the whole month instead of moving up to 20mg/day? Take note that even before I took my first half-tab Seroxat last Tuesday, I've been quite ok.


17-01-09, 15:52
It should be fine for you to take 10mg/day for a month. I went straight onto 20mg/day, but I did feel serverely depressed just before.

Just see how you get on, I am no expert in this matter.