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09-11-11, 11:45
Doc just started me on this. Any hints or tips ot things to watch for.

Does it do any good?

Ta etc.

09-11-11, 15:16
I was prescribed Atenonol 50mg in May 2002, the dose was increased to 100mg 2 months later, Ramipril 2.5mg was added in August 2002, I have records up to June 2005 when I was still taking both meds and my BP was still around 180/100 with only a slight reduction occasionally.

I don't have records after June 2005 to hand but if I remember correctly I stopped both meds without my GP's consent before 2007 or thereabouts.

When asked why I had stopped taking my meds I told the doctor they didn't seem to help my high BP, he wasn't happy of course!

The last time my BP was checked about 3-4 months ago it was around 160/80 without any meds.

I didn't have any side effects at all with Atenonol.


09-11-11, 15:28
been on atenolol for the last eight years,,i got a bit of tingling in my fingers and arms for the first week,,but apart from that no i was fine on it,,and believe me im very senstive to all meds so if it was going to do anything to anyone it would be me lol,,it is very helpful with panic attacks though

09-11-11, 15:52
I switched to atenolol from propranolol and a few other meds two months ago.

I had thinning hair, cold hands and feet and nightmares on propranolol, but not unbearable. I've had no side effects at all on atenolol because it's cardio-specific and doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier. The first week my legs got tired easily from walking and my arms ached, but that's completely gone now. Because atenolol acts throughout the day, I don't have rebound panic attacks like I did on propranolol. My resting heart rate is down to 65bpm from 130bpm and anxiety has completely eased. So much so that I'm weaning off all my other medication.

Like all beta-blockers, they either suit you or they don't. And then they either beta-block, or they don't... so dosages may need to be increased gradually until you feel the desired effect. They shouldn't be used as first line treatment for high blood pressure anymore, but they work pretty well for anxiety and panic disorders for most people if used correctly.

I had really bad shakes first thing in the morning when I first started atenolol and my pulse was around 110 again until they kicked in 2-3 hours after taking them. Switched to taking them at night and it's stopped that completely.

Hope they work for you as well as they have for me! Let us know how you get on :)