View Full Version : clomipramine and alcohol

09-11-11, 20:34
anyone tried it? I'm on 25mg at night going up to 25mg at night and 25mg in the morning next week, know it will make me drowsier but will it kill me? :blush:


11-11-11, 18:45
no one at all??

17-11-11, 21:23
Yeah, i'm on clomipramine since last monday and i went out in the weekend. I told myself i was going to be careful and i was, but i got quite drunk from just three beers. But that's just me. So the key is to be really careful. Make sure you have a "sitter" and try one beer first, then wait and see how your body reacts.

18-11-11, 12:58
thanks, I've since tried a few myself and yeah i'm just exercising caution, and I had noticed I can get drunk a lot quicker, the only other thing I noticed is a higher potential to get a headache after a drink too, hey at least getting tipsy is cheaper! :P