View Full Version : Olanzapine 2.5 mg for anxiety?

19-11-11, 21:18
Hi all, about 4 ish weeks ago I was changed from Paroxetine to Fluoxetine. I was having really really bad anxiety daily on the Fluoxetine, and feeling suicidal, so my Dr prescribed 2.5 mg of Olanzapine.

I haven't taken it yet as I am weary of tablets and reading the side effects didn't help! However, today has been dreadfull. I've felt so hopeless and trapped by anxiety that again I've felt suicidal. I 'phoned my local crisis line and the lady I spoke to recommended taking the Olanzapine. She said she had good feed back from people taking it. She mentioned something about 'jumbled thoughts,' I don't know if she ment that in relation to before or after taking them? She said they helped with aggitation and ballancing out mood.

It's just after being on the Paroxetine for so long and having so many side affects from it I am very warey! Does it make you feel sick? It mentions in the side effects fast breathing. The lady also mentioned feeling hungry all the time. Does anybody take it and what is it like for them? Does it work and what side effects does it have for you?

Thank you for reading and any advice would be really appreciated.