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21-11-11, 01:57
Hi members

We have had a lot of posts about sickness benefits / JSA / ESA / DLA benefits recently and all of these have ended in arguements and disagreements for one reason and another.

I have now decided that these posts are actually deterimental to NMP as they cause so many problems and arguements and members are leaving over the arguments they cause.

So I am going to ask that we do not discuss these things and any posts that are started will be removed.


22-11-11, 01:15
I agree Nic - we don't want arguments on here.

However, many of us are terrified by the outcome of the new benefits system, so I have copied out all the helpful information and links from earlier posts.

If anyone would like a copy, please pm me.

macc noodle
22-11-11, 07:45
I agree completely Nicola - it is such an emotive subject for everyone whether they are in receipt of the benefits, threatened with their loss or you are still working despite your problems.

Thanks for working so hard for us all on here - we all really do appreciate it.

Macc Noodle

22-11-11, 08:52
Actually it may be a good idea to post all the info and links in one thread on here so Chem if you could pass that info on to me that would be great thanks.