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21-04-04, 18:06
Hi everyone. This is quite unusual and a relief for me to actually post on here that I do get very depressed. I don't tell anyone this specifically though my husband knows how fed up I get what with my mood swings and so on. My mum had a stroke before Christmas and although she's recovered she is very low and obsesively worries about having another one. I can see when she's talking to me that I'm exactly like her, nervy, depressed, a worrier etc and can see myself going down the same path. I'm jumpy all the time, constantly worrying about what people think of me. My body goes into overdrive just going for a check-up at the dentist, shaking etc and I seem to get worse. Physically, I'm a bit of a mess which doesn't help my mental state. I have irritable bowel, sinus problems, recurrent cystitis, nothing anyone can see but enough to make me tired and low all the time. Every day, I think what's the point, although I'll never act on it as I have two great daughters and people relying on me. I know I don't really want to die, I just really want to LIVE and I don't feel I am. I am phobic about illnesses, not the big things, just these stupid little things that I have to cope with and carry on my life every day. I feel every day I'm losing a bit more of my grip and soon I'll stop appearing so "normal" and start crying or screaming or something. Thanks to this forum for letting me write this. I feel so caught up in the middle of this sometimes it's hard to think. Teresa.

21-04-04, 20:13
Hi Teresa- welcome to the forum!

Well done for posting here- it's a great start on your road to recovery. You can pretty much guarantee that whatever you're going through, someone here will have been through it, and can help you get through it too.

As a start, I'd suggest you have a look at the first steps bit on the bit of the forum called 'welcome to the no panic forum'- it has some amazingly good advice. Also look at the rest of the no more panic site- pretty much all of your questions will be answered. Also have a look at the links page- I've found 'no panic' particularly helpful, especially their helpline.

It can be a long road to recovery, but help is there for you. The right professional help will make things better! Also, be honest with the people that care for you- they can't give you the support you need if they don't know what you're going through!

Finally, I'd say look at your lifestyle- good diet, exercise and relaxation can really help!

Well, hope this helps, and I'm sure some more members will be along to welcome you and give some more great advice soon!

Keep the faith,


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22-04-04, 10:34
Hiya theresa,

Welcome to the group!!!

Can you go to your doctor to have a chat about how you are feeling?

Advise above is great and i'm sure you will get lots more


22-04-04, 11:19
Dear Teresa ,

Its highly unlikely that you'll go off screaming down the street. We've all thought we would but remarkably noone has ever reported doing it !!
Mine was always the M6- but I never did get on the traffic report for causing a scene and a hold up.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a few good crys for frustration or misery or for no reason, it's a great release of pent up emotion and highly beneficial. Crying is our emergency emotion valve. Use it .

Sounds like you're all revved up and nowhere to use all the nervous energy - so try using up the excess adrenalin with some regular vigourous excercise. Walking or climbing stairs will do. Getting outside with nature can be a help in itself. You can alternate this with learning to relax - by yoga, meditation through relaxation tapes etc.

Your IBS will settle down when your anxiety does... Viscious circle I know. Charlie uses charcoal with success, but I don't know much about it myself.

If you get cystitis - non specific Urinary Tract Infections then you may be able to control it with cranberry concentrate or potassium citrate but if they are bacterial infections and they really are frequent, it may be time to discuss a 3-6 month course of antibiotics to try to rid yourself of them.

Ensure you're having a very low sugar diet as that will help enormously too.

Ensure you're a taking a good vit and mineral supplement too.

Some of this may be inherited but that doesn't mean that you need to always be that way . You can get out of the cycle with time and effort.

Post again and let us know how you are ..


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april tones
22-04-04, 20:56
hi teresa, i worry about getting ill too, its improved alot since i started taking meds. i used to have ibs but it went after birth of my little boy. I have asthma and suddenly started worrying about that once, it soon fades though and find something else to worry about, ha ha, if you wasnt to chat thats fine, live april


26-04-04, 14:41
Hi teresa

I just wanted to say I am sorry to hear about your health and your depression I can relate to your depression a bit because I am living it myself.

I just wanted to say hang in there mate and good luck.And it is good to hear from you.


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