View Full Version : Just placed my first order

26-11-11, 17:24
Hiya I have just place my first order off NMP :)

All lavender products, the spray, the oil and the candle. Hopefully it will calm me down!

Just a quick question, the candle is safe isnt it? I hear alot about toxic in candles you see and it makes me abit scared to light any!

26-11-11, 20:13
Thanks for the order. I will get it posted on Monday for you.

I will check the candle for you but they will be safe.

26-11-11, 20:16
Thank you Nicola :) xx

27-11-11, 15:19
All packed up and ready to post tomorrow.

The candles are made in the UK so they are perfectly safe for you

28-11-11, 18:30
thank you i am very excited to receive them as going through a bad time with anxiety hopefully i will relax more xx

28-11-11, 18:47
I posted it today so should be with you Wednesday

28-11-11, 22:06
Thats great thanks :)

01-12-11, 20:10
Hi thank you very much for my order, I have received it :)
I was given a tea light candle instead of the lavender scented votive candle tho x

01-12-11, 20:24
That is because I am a muppet :roflmao:

I will post you one - sorry:blush:

01-12-11, 22:28
LOL :):roflmao:
No worries :-) With the oil is it ok to put on your pillow? or is it for refilling pot pouri?

01-12-11, 22:36
I have packed the candle up and will post tomorrow - sorry about that

Well I use the refresher oil on all sorts so your pillow will be fine

01-12-11, 22:57
No problem at all,and thank you :)

Thats great, cant wait to sleep to the smell of lavender..ahh x

06-12-11, 19:20
Hello! I have received the candle thank you very much :-) Hope your feeling better xx

06-12-11, 19:34
Thanks for letting me know. I am good now thanks x