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29-11-11, 11:28
Hi everyone.

Yesterday went to see my psychiatrist regarding my anti' ds and things well she sent me to get an ECG done. Well, I was so anxious and nervous about the whole thing. Sitting in the waiting room was just ARGHHH . It was tiny and people kept on looking. My turn came, well I was so anxious, nervous and embarrassed about the whole thing. The male nurse asked me to take my top half of the clothes off . . I just took off my tshirt off but he wanted my bra off too. I thought OMG and he was youngish too.

Do you normally have to take your underwear off when having this test done?

Sorry for the essay.


29-11-11, 11:43
hi anita, i had an ecg done last year and like you was soo nervous, however i just took my top off, and not my bra, but maybe some nurses do it different, but they are used to seeing patients undressed, but i know how tough it can be when you are anxious, take care x

29-11-11, 12:34
Hi i know what you mean bless you :)
Mine was a man too and i was shocked haveing to take my bra off too but theyve seen it all before ive actually have to go and see my physio today and he always has to see me in my bra hehe shame he isnt naughty i say:D

29-11-11, 12:37
Yes you have to take your bra off for an ECG so they can connect the pads and wires correctly.

10-01-12, 12:15
Yes, this is usually the case. I've had to take my bra off all but once when having ECGs. Don't worry, these people see bodies all the time! All part of their job!

11-01-12, 12:35
At least if I have one again I know what expect now.