View Full Version : is anyone taking this AD

03-12-11, 11:45
Is anyone taking this AD I am on 50mg but my head and sinusus are so blocked like I have congestion in my chest and nose dose this side affect go?

I would like to know if anyone is taking amitriptyline and does it work for anxiety and depression?

Cathy xx

02-07-12, 01:55
Hey hun am on 75 and i think they are working, makes me sleep sometimes too but i do feel quite lethargic lol x

21-08-12, 18:22
I'm taking 150 mgs at night and so far I'm functioning. I don't have symptoms like you Cathy but I cannot walk very far without feeling out of breath ad lethargic. I was on Citalopram before and would never go back to it. I do think my dose is high but my GP is happy with it. My depression has definitely hardly noticable and I'm not as anxious as I was. Try and bear with it for a little longer if you can as it does work.