03-06-06, 22:46
I've been suffering from health anxiety since I was 13. It started from when I got a testicular cyst that I swore was testicular cancer. Anyway, I get muscle fasciculations and often suffer from clumsiness of the hands. I'm worrying sick at the moment, these are symptoms of motor neurone disease and I can't stop thinking about it. The fasciculations come and go and are probably stress related. But I also have massive sensitivity to bright lights and suffer from general weakness, like the clumsiness of the hands thing and dragging of the foot. Could this be because I'm constantly stressed and it's taking its toll on my nervous system? Even if it is, I am worried that it may be a factor in causing such nervous degenerative diseases in the future. Does anyone here suffer from the same symptoms? Cheers. Omar

04-06-06, 03:47
welcome to the forum Omar :)
I have had a sensitivity to bright light and loud noises since I started having anxiety. So you are not alone!! Several people I have talked to on here have also had light and sound sensitivity. As far as the general weakness, I used to get really tired but I think that being constantly so stressed takes a real toll on you and in turn you feel weak and tired.
I've always been clumsy so I don't know about that being a part of anxiety. But I am sure that more people on here will come by and post too.


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04-06-06, 07:42
Welcome to the forum Omar. Muscle fasciculations are a symptom of anxiety - my eyelid and thigh often twitch. I don't have a problem with light, but can't tolaerate loud noises at all and I am so so clumsy (always have been) - if there is anything to knock over or walk into I'm the one to do it!! All your symptoms are anxiety related due to your worry and stress - go and see your GP and put your mind at ease.
Take Care
Love Helen

04-06-06, 10:44
Thanks for the encouraging replies ladies, honestly it has helped a great deal. Thanks, Omar...