View Full Version : Coming off Amitriptyline

11-12-11, 12:40
Hi there looking for a bit of friendly advise:smile: I have been taking Amitriptyline for about 1 year for neck pain & headaches I started on 25 mg for about 2 months then my doctor put me upto 50 mg, after about another 4 months he put me upto 75 mg where i stayed for another 4 months. In the past 2 months ave started weaning myself off Amitriptyline at my doctors request. I am now down to 10mg and have been feeling pretty good until 3 days ago when i started feeling very anxious, empty headed, not sleeping, worrying about the slightest thing. I had gradually come down from 75 mg - 50mg - 30mg - 20mg - 10mg over 2 week periods, everything was feeling good untill i drop the dosage from 20mg - 10mg? I am wondering if i have dropped the dosage to quickly???


12-12-11, 16:53
Can't help really, it's an old tricyclic that my dad (82yrs of age) takes cause of trapped nerves in his spine and so the drug helps to calm these inflamed nerves, he's been taking them for a few years and sometimes misses a dose for a few days cause his meds run out usually, but all that happen to him is that the nerve tingling comes back but he usually goes back after than so he's only off them for a week max.