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15-12-11, 08:52
I've had anxiety, phobias and OCD for many years and I used to take Anafranil about 18 years ago. I think they were rather good as I seem to recall my mood being better but I can't remember why I stopped taking them and I do wish there was an easy way to access your notes.
Now I have been prescribed clomipramine again, starting at a low dose of 10mg. I took them for three days and felt really rubbish to be honest. Racing thoughts, a general feeling of being unwell, horrible hunger feeling and just general yukkiness. Anxiety increased and I couldn't sleep at night (the opposite to what they are meant to do, I would get really sleepy and then keep waking up).
So last night I didn't take one and I do feel better which is making me not want to take them again! I was still waking up but not so bad and I don't feel so unwell.
My other half says I should have an increased dose but that just scares me! He said the symptoms would decrease but I dont think I want to take that chance. I trust my doc but he is away on holiday!
I was coping quite well before taking the tabs, anxiety had decreased, confidence growing and OCD manageable. I just thought the tabs would help.
I really dont want to take them but I know that I wont take anything else because to be honest, the side effects just make me terrified. I was trusting these tablets and it has taken a lot for me to do that. Now it just feels like a failure.
Any advice at all would be really appreciated.

15-12-11, 09:19
Hi it sounds like u were experiencing side effects from them which will happen, clomipramine is one of the older Tricylic AD's and to be honest i don't know much about these, but with every AD the majority of us feel worse before we feel better, i know i did starting citalopram it was hell i felt awful but i persevered knowing it was just side effects and ur no faliure at all, i can tell u i nearly gave my meds up a few times cause of how bad i felt! xx