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15-12-11, 17:57
I went to see my gp this morning about chilblains and also about feeling off balance and i told her when i am sitting or in bed at night it feels like my heart is beating really hard and it feels like either my heart skips a beat or does an extra one. I have just had an ecg done and i am waiting for my gp to look at it because the nurse couldnt tell me the reading. She said my heart rate was fast though. I felt really anxious while i was getting the ecg done and all my cheeks went hot and flushed up. I have a bad head now. I am worried waiting for my gp to call because she said if its normal i will have to get a 24hr monitor on.

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15-12-11, 23:28
anyone else had a 24 hr monitor?

15-12-11, 23:57
Try this forum...


16-12-11, 00:55
I had one done last week because i have pneumonia.

I want to A&E because i couldn't breathe, the triage nurse took my blood pressure and said because it was high i had to have an ECG.

My heart rate/blood pressure was high purely because of how anxious i was.
The ECG results reflected that and after the consultant monitored my heart rate for a few minutes after calming me down told me everything was fine and it was due to my anxiety.

Naturally if you are nervous, your heart rate is going to be fast.

It's all just precautionary given the symptoms you're experiencing, worrying won't help at all, you need to try your best to relax :flowers:

macc noodle
16-12-11, 07:06
Are talking a 24 hr BP monitor?

Well if so, no worries - just a blinking nuisance to have on really.

The whole point of it is to enable them to see if you get good readings when not in medical environment to see if the high BP is a symptom of anxiety. This avoids un-necessary medications.


Macc Noodle