View Full Version : 12 days on citalopram, been recommended seroxat - shall I change?

16-12-11, 15:36
I've been on citalopram for 12 days. I'm pregnant and it's always worked before, but it's increased my anxiety LOADS.

I spoke to a new psychotherapist today, who said that seroxat can be better for my particular symptoms.

My GP says that as they're so similar, there's no problem changing.

But I'm scared to open myself up to a new raft of side effects.

At the same time, if they do prove to be better for me...!!



16-12-11, 21:48
To be honest, you may well experience similar side effects with Seroxat, since they are both similar. I know everyone is different on every AD but they are quite similar in their side effects.

I take Seroxat and have been back on it for 4 weeks (this is my third time). The side effects have been different this time than on previous occassions so I would recommend sticking with what you're on, you must be nearly over the worst of the side effects by now as with most they ease into the 3rd week.

16-12-11, 22:20
Hi if i was you hun id carry on eith the cit for another week as your already nearly 2 weeks in and u just might turn that corner in that week but obviously u have to do what u feel is best for you, good luck, keep us posted :hugs: xx