View Full Version : I had MRI head scan today..proud of myself

22-12-11, 22:49
hey for anyone who is scared to have a MRI scan done its really not that bad. Trust me i cried as i was put in but closed my eyes and didnt open them until i was out of it 20 mins later. I was put in upto my waist and the noise is like a washing machine,made me jump at one point lol but theres nothing scary bout it,i got quite used to it,nearly fell asleep was just dozing hehe. it didnt feel like that long,felt like i was in there half the time which is gd. they didnt talk to me at all which i preferred to be honest as just listened to my own music i brought in for them to put on, (michael buble lol xmas songs). i also had my mum there to hold my hand,and yes im 26 lol felt well silly after,but it helped at the time:yesyes:. before i went i took 2 diazepam and they did help to calm me down. Anyone going for one just close ur eyes, try control ur breathing, and take ur own music which makes u happy and relaxed. just pretend ur laying on ur bed or somewhere u feel comfortable. if i did it u can. good luck to anyone reading this who has one,ur be just fine!! So proud of myself :yahoo:x

22-12-11, 22:50
Well done on doing it.

I tried once and no way could I stay in there as it was too claustrophobic for me!

22-12-11, 22:54
:) thanku!

22-12-11, 23:12
:yesyes: well done i'm sure your post will help loads of members, great idea about the music xx

23-12-11, 21:33
Thanku pinkdove. i really do hope it helps lots of other members now and in future. before i went for mine i read on here at other peoples posts about it and they helped me too, so thought it was only fair i let others know of my experience too. xx

24-12-11, 16:22
Good advice on the music. I had one done about 4 weeks ago was in a panic about it doc give me some diazepam but in the end never took them.

And i took some music but did not wish to bother them by asking to put it on LOL

Just would say if anyone is having one for the first time take a nice deep breath as you go into the machine i found that helped ( one thing on the music they did play classic fm in the headphones lucky for me could still hear the magnets in the scanner as the music was cr+p).

Well done for getting the scan done.

27-12-11, 13:17
Thanku xtremx,Well done to u too. U should have asked them to put ur music on as it doesnt bother them. They there to make u feel comfortable as can be while ur having the scan done. Lucky for me the cd i took in they liked too so was all a bonus. x

28-12-11, 22:03
I think you did fantastic..I had one with diazepam no problem at all...then a couple of years later even with diazepam no way could I do it!! I think closing your eyes was a great idea..I might have to try that : )

29-12-11, 23:18
I think you did fantastic..I had one with diazepam no problem at all...then a couple of years later even with diazepam no way could I do it!! I think closing your eyes was a great idea..I might have to try that : )

Thanku. yes i remember reading some people saying diazepam doesnt work for everyone and not everytime so i was a bit worried it wouldnt even have a effect on me,but im sure it did as i know for sure i would have been twice as bad if hadnt taken it. closing ur eyes is one thing that really helps even if u think it wont it does xx

30-12-11, 18:49
I had an MRI on my lower back 2 weeks ago. They gave me a bulb to squeeze if i needed anything i nearly squeezed it after 30 seconds! It only lasted 15 minutes thankfully but still await the results but i suppose things slow down over Christmas. I want to say anyone who has had an MRI should be proud of themselves it is scary but once its done its done.

30-12-11, 22:18
great job ! ive had one befor and when they pushed me in i freaked out couldnt do it :) so u did great ! for going threw with it be proud of urself

30-12-11, 22:32
Well done! I had to stay in one for 45 minutes, I squeezed the bubble thing they gave me right at the end as I panicked. As there was only a few mins to go they didn't come get me! Needless to say I was crying my eyes out and in a state when they did get me out. I was so upset and angry with them. When I had my appointment with consultant I told him what had happened, he was most annoyed but then went on to tell me I needed another scan! I told him under no circumstances was I going back in that scanner. It was then they told me about the open scanners and the larger tube scanners for larger people or people who are claustrophobic. So if you really do struggle these options are available although not every hospital has them, I had to go to a different area which was fine. I had no problem whatsoever in the larger tube. It also had a mirror on the top, but positioned that I could see out. The staff were much more understanding and I would not have any problem going in again if I had to.

07-01-12, 12:58
thanku to u all. oh no @ BestMate i would have defo panicked more that they didnt get me out straight away but u did it now so well done on getting through most of it. if i ever do have to have another one i will defo ask bout open scanners. xx

07-01-12, 18:09
well done