View Full Version : Depersonalization? Please answer! Please help!

26-12-11, 01:18
Ok so im coming iut of anxiety n panic attacks but im getting this terrible feeling of auto pilot and horrid thoughts. Its like im trying to find something wrong and trying to make myself ill again.

I dont do medication so is there anything i can do to stop this? Distraction works well for me but im not distracted 24/7 so im wondering if there is anything else that would help ?

It scares me a lot .... Because ots putting suicide thiughts in my head and trying to make me think about things like that when i dont want to!! I dont want to do anything to myself , ive gone through 2 years of panic and anxiety and have not once wanted to self harm and i never ever want to. My parents have already lost one child and i dont plan on them losing another!,

Please help , is this normal!?

26-12-11, 10:07

I am afraid that I dont really have any sensible advice but did not want to read and run.

Meds are an individual decision, for me they have been a life saver but i respect your wish to get well without them.

It sounds as though CBT could be very helpful to you, Is it something you have considered?

You will get through this.


26-12-11, 12:02
When I first started getting panic attacks I was about the same age as you and I think they were probably the worst I've ever had. But they would come and go like the troubling thoughts and I would soon be back to normal, as I'm sure you will.
You seem to have a very good head on your shoulders and I'm sure you've got a long way to go in the world:).

26-12-11, 19:09
I also have this, it's what depersonalization does to you, my therapist said suicidal thoughts are very normal and common if you are going through a hard time they dont mean you actually want to commit suicide, the thoughts scare you, you're probably feeling abit panicky because of the dp & because your anxious your mind is throwing up thoughts like this. They dont mean anything its probably a way for your anxiety to keep you stuck in the loop and after 2 years of having it, it must be weird not feeling anxious and kind of having nothing to worry about?
The dp will go away i promise, ive found going out every single day no matter how weird i feel even if its for 20 minutes and everyday adding 5 minutes to it, today i went out for a walk for 30 minutes tomorrow i will go out for 35 minutes.
And exercise honestly it will burn off all that extra adrenaline it really does help and you may not feel like doing it but it really will make you feel better.
Have you also tried supplements im taking cod liver oil tablets and a vitamin B-complex read up about them, they seem to be helping me abit but its worth giving anything a try if it makes you feel better.
And don't be too hard on yourself, it's a battle but one you are definately winning & you will get out of it.