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27-04-04, 07:46
I am getting a little confused about the dosage i should take for st johns wort. On the page on SJW that is linked in some of the other messages it says to take 3 x 300 mg per day. But i have bought Kira one-a-day tablets and they are 1 x300 g containing 900 ug of total hypericin. Does this mean i am supposed to take 3 of the one a day tablets or have they a higher concentration of the active ingredient?

I am way too scared to take any proper meds but am feeling really depressed and am hoping that with time I can tolerate taking SJW.

Has anybody a clue about this dosage/

Thanks in advance

27-04-04, 15:11
Have a look on www.sjwinfo.org on their message board

They are really up on all the differences of brands.. Kira is a good brand to have bought.

Do also check out carefully if you are taking any other meds at all.


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

27-04-04, 21:15
You musn't take St John's Wort along with anti-depressants and I believe it can affect the contraceptive pill too.


05-05-04, 20:02
hey womble i was taking sjw 2 years ago and they did wonders for me i was just taking the one a day,,really good i am actually thinking of going back on them at the mo,,good luck,,xdarrenx,

05-05-04, 20:27
wow meg what a great site that one about st johns wart,been really helpful for me as i am thinking of taking it again to help me face the anxiety and agraphobia,,thank you meg,,xxxdarrenxxx

05-05-04, 21:36
It's good to share information isn't it Darren ?
We all find out different things and can learn from each other.

Glad both the site and taking SJW helped you .

Did bog all for me ( which I was disappointed about ) except gave me a huge amount of worry as I was on the pill and my cycle went haywire and I had a few nervous days about pregnancy - you won't have that issue !!

I hope it works just as well this time for you .


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone