View Full Version : is anyone on cymbalta?

31-12-11, 16:41
Just wondered if anyone has tried the snri cymbalta? My doctor says it is a fairly new drug and worth a try.I have tried four ssris with little or no sucess.My panic and anxiety is taking over my life and not having any luck with meds is so disappointing.I would be really interested to hear if anyone has tried it,even though I know we all respond to medication differently.Thank you:)

31-12-11, 22:58
yea i was on it,it really helped my anxiety but didnt get rid of my depersonalization,but it did help my depression and definetly my anxiety

01-01-12, 22:22
Thank you for your reply.It seems most people havent heard of cymbalta let alone tried it! x

01-01-12, 22:28
I am on it. Have been for about 2 years. It wasn't on the GP's list of drugs to prescribe until recently.

It has helped my depression.

27-07-12, 19:34
I am on Cymbalta, and have been for a number of years now - 6 or more. It seems to hold my mood level on a day-to-day basis, although if something triggers a major episode, then my depression and anxiety can flip to either extreme of the scale.

Generally, I feel a little detached, my libido has gone walkabout, but I function well, and have held down responsible and demanding jobs. It has helped me become more open about my illness, and I am fortunate in having a husband who does his very best to listen, support and understand.

I would love to be drug-free, and am currently researching withdrawal from use of this drug.

I'm happy to help if I can.

01-02-13, 03:43
Cymbalta was the last on my DRs list of meds to try - its new to him and he hasn't really prescribed it much - it was one of the only meds I've ever taken that has noticeably helped me. I was taking 30s at first for anxiety and depression, and the first week was hell - mild suicidal ideation, no libido, gained about 8 pounds, and a host of other ucky things. But I stuck it out because non of it was as bad as the others I've tried, and after a week I was in heaven. I stayed on for 2 months, then was bumped to 60s (he wanted me on 90s) but at 60 I had a 'gritty angry streak' as I put it. Everything made me grumpy and near tears in an angry sort of way. So back down to 30s I went, and things were better. It doesn't quite get me up to 'normal person mood' - I'm still down and sad a lot of the time, but certainly not as bad as I was!
Cymbalta was a big success for me in a low dose!

14-02-13, 21:21
I've been on Duloxetine since about April last year and has helped me immeasurably.

14-11-13, 00:28
I am, good for anxiety no weight gain, but no sex drive take klonopin also