View Full Version : Does my son have rabies????!!!!

02-01-12, 22:23
So this morning my 18 month old was in the backyard with my hubby and to make a long story short he cut his thumb really bad on something and had to get 5 stitches. When we got home from the ER we went outside to see what had possibly cut him and we didn't find anything so now I think our pet rabbit bit him and start thinking about rabies and what if our rabbit has rabies because he doesn't live in a cage and roams freely in our backyard. There is also these stray cats that get into our backyard and I start thinking that these cats attcked or bitten the rabbit giving him rabies. I just want to know how common rabies is in rabbits??? I also heard that rabies is quite rare in the United States where I live.

02-01-12, 22:24
You would know if your rabbit had rabies so don't worry about that.

He will be fine. Rabies is very rare nowadys

03-01-12, 11:15
rabbits dont transmit rabies

did he get a tetanus shot?

03-01-12, 11:50
if it was a bite there would be two cuts not just one
good bless