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06-01-12, 12:55
Hi all,

I've been away form this board for quite some time, it was a concious decision as I felt that continuously reading about it was actually feeding my anxiety and becoming counter productive to me "letting go". I must also say BTW that this forum has helped and saved me more times than I care to remember!

Anyway I digress .... I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally come off my Amitriptyline. If you search back I have posted a couple of times about coming and attempting to come off them but I have now finaly done it.

I was only on 10mg but have been for nearly 2 years and I really wanted to start 2012 "clean". I took it really slowly, 1/2 tabs (5mg) for a month and then 1/4 tabs (just a chip really) for another month, then on New Years Eve I took my last one (witha big glas of bubbly :D).

I have to say so far so good, I am still an axious person and I still get symtoms but hopefully now I can start to truly "accept" and try to move on. It's like taking the tablets every day was a constant reminder that I had anxiety & panic so how wasI ever going to put it out of my mind ... anyway I've gone on far too long, just thought some of you might be interested to know how I found my journey off the meds.

take care & good wishes to you all to be well in 2012!

13-01-12, 07:33
i was on amitriptyline for 10yrs.. lowest dose at end was 25mg a day, i decided to come off them last summer, as i didnt feel good on them, or theyd stopped working for me maybe, but more or less just stopped them.. felt great to start, then hit rock bottom, anxiety was worse than ever... been neally 5 months now since i stopped them... and am still glad i did...but its not been any easy time, been really bad at times, had to stop work due to the anxiety levels... am currently taking Jarrows B-right , which seem to be doing wonders for me at present.... Hope you are still doing well now you are off them. Best of luck. xx

13-01-12, 12:20
wheredo you get Barrows B right, Never heard of it


13-01-12, 12:25
hi Joy
JARROWS B-RIGHT- look them up on Amazon. or just search in google;
I got mine from amazon. Started them a week ago today, and had marked improvement in mood and anxiety.

jaded jean
12-03-12, 16:48
Hi there I decided that it was time to think about weaning myself off too my doc said he couldnt see why not as it was for being unable to relax at night so.....at 10mgs I thought well at that low a dose it wont be that bad eh?? I started last night -Islept till 1 then awake at 3 then 4;15 then 5 then thought I might as well get up at 6 and dint feel to good it was like all the anx and feeling agitated at the same time is this typical I know its the first day but I must be reacting to it a bit strongly what a wuss:doh: