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06-01-12, 23:05
oh my god i strted them on wednesday evening 10ml for headaces daily didnt notice anything then yesterday did another 10ml didnt do anything, so tonight i thout take 2(doc said i can after a week but ive done it early) but now i feel drunk, im slurring and mouth all funny i feel high as a kite will this settle?

06-01-12, 23:30

I have moved this to the correct forum for you. Have a read of the other posts in there as well

07-01-12, 11:54
Hi yes this will settle, amitryptiline is given to help with insomnia nad pain relief as well as depression.

I used to take them and had a very dry mouth, and felt very tired untill my body got used to them and things settled down.

Maybe you should have stayed on 10mg for the week, but things will setlle for you, if you are over worried call your gp for a phone consultation just to put your mind at rest. hope you feel better soon xx

27-05-12, 12:44
I started on Amitrip. last Wednesday on 25mgs. Having been on Citalopram for 8 days before that I was a mess. I've just upped it to 50mgs. a day and it doesn't affect my sleep at all, although it may be the Citi. still in my system. 10mgs. is a low dose so you must have a low Amitrip. threshold but I'd personally retreat from the higher dose until you see your GP. Hope you feel better soon. Cathy x:)