View Full Version : OCD worse on Olanzapine (zyrexia)

11-01-12, 17:33

I have been OCD free for over 1 year now but recently I started taking zyprexia for my mood swings. After about 3 weeks my OCD started backup (I have harm-o) out of the blue.

My Doctor said it could be the zyprexia but advised me to keep taking it and even upped my dose to keep my GAD in check.

Its now week 5 and my OCD seems worse than ever, it spikes so much more and I don't know if it is a natural laspe or bout on by the med.

Has anyone experienced this?


05-02-12, 06:41
Hey man,

I have OCD spectrum disorder (also have other disorders like health anxiety, DP/DR, panic disorder - a whole potpourri of **** basically!)

Yeah zyprexa didn't do a thing to my OCD style thoughts/obsessions, negative racing thoughts when I tried it. The only thing it was good for was helping me to sleep with panic disorder. Took half the minimum recommended dose every night for two weeks and slept like a baby. Didn't need it after the crisis was over. I wouldn't recommend taking it. Those meds are bad news in high doses.