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11-01-12, 18:57
hey i am the son of Rachel (blue sparkle) and i am running portsmouth half marathon to raise funds for you guys

the marathon takes place on feburary the 12th starting at the pyramid center at 10:15 (in the morning)

it will be 13 miles of pavement road grass shingle footpath and oh yes some sand as well (muddy sand if its wet)

this is my first half marathon and i have only ever ran road races so the other terains will be .... some what interesting soheres what you can do......

you can indeed sponser me im working on that as we speak (trying to find a sponser site that isnt just for charities with charity numbers but one that accepts organisations/ groups like this one if you know of one please let me know) as soon as i have more info on sponsership i will let you know and come down say hi and make lots of noise as i pass out across the finish line after 13 whats sounds like hard miles of pavement road grass shingle footpath and yes sand/ muddy beach so by the end i will need all the support i can get haha!

Granny Primark
11-01-12, 19:35
How very kind and brave of you.
Pse post how we can donate.
And good luck.

11-01-12, 20:16
Hey as soon as I know I will let you know :)

16-01-12, 13:36
hey guys here is the thread i have started to keep a diary of my training and for any messages of support you may have for myself and ted! http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/showthread.php?p=925990#post925990

28-01-12, 23:34
We looked into setting up NMP on the "Just giving" site but I have to pay 15 a month to join and then they take a percentage of all funds raised.

So what I propose is that we just use my paypal account for any sponsorship money and I will then collate it and let Tom know how much he raised for NMP.

You can donate by clicking on this link:

http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/misc.php?do=donate (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/misc.php?do=donate)

You can enter any amount you want to.

If you do not want to donate by Paypal (this will accept credit cards as well) then please PM me and you can send a cheque if you prefer.

If you do donate please let me know it is for Tom though.

Thanks so much to Tom for doing this for us and Good Luck !!!

29-01-12, 00:44
what a nice thing to do well done be lucky
god bless

29-01-12, 17:04
i just wanted to add we have sponsors coming in now... :D
like nic says if you can let her know the donation is for tom and ted ! then we can let you know how much was raised.
cant wait for the day only two weeks to go...
will post pics and hopefully some people will be able to come and meet up with us.
thanks for all your support

03-02-12, 10:48
i just wanted to bump this up as its only just over a week to go...
there is no need to pledge alot of money as every little bit will help with the running of this site.

05-02-12, 08:23
just bumping this up once more as its only a week to go !

05-02-12, 16:26
oh dear wee of hardcore raining i guess :)

07-02-12, 11:54
well done mate brilliant

10-02-12, 14:35
Good Luck for Sunday Tom - hope the weather is good for you :yesyes:

11-02-12, 10:12
Shall be there in person cheering you on Tom - from the pub probably, but it's the thought that counts, plus you and NMP can have 20 of my money just for being crazy enough to leave the starting line, let alone anything else.

Best of luck for tomorrow Tom :yesyes:

11-02-12, 13:45
Ha Gary I would much rather do something crazy leave the start line and know there is a pub at the end. :p

12-02-12, 14:12
Tom has now done the race in 2 hours 16 minutes.

I will let Tom update us further on the funds raised but thank you so much Tom for this - you are a complete star.

12-02-12, 14:35
Well done and congratulations:yesyes:

12-02-12, 18:12
donation sent, well done tom xx

12-02-12, 19:25
Brilliant - hope Ted managed to keep up!! Donation in its way.

12-02-12, 21:42
Thanks guys yes ted kept up! Infect about five yards from the finishline e took off and started to fly! Haha there will be a write up of the race tomorrow (seeing as I won't be walking anywhere! With how much I have raised so far (not a grand tottal!) thank too everyone that has donated/ sponsored it is very very much appreciated :)

13-02-12, 10:36
i just wanted to officially thank tom (and ted of coarse)...
what an acheivment :yesyes:
and also thank you to those of you that have sponsored him and given support on the threads.
this site is a life line to many of us and im sure the money will help with keeping it going.

13-02-12, 10:58
:yesyes:Well done Tom, amazing job mate.:yesyes:

Thanks for doing this on behalf of NMP, which as Rachel says, truly is, "a life line to many of us"

Sponsorship paid in full. :)

13-02-12, 12:28
Thank you Gary :)

13-02-12, 17:48
Tom - a HUGE thank you from me and all of NMP who will benefit from this kind act you did for us.

I can't believe how much you raised - absolutely fantastic.

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTe0O8u84CDEYiJcsJZ1DuxRaAiTMyiZ sNNstB4fUHvjuteEt7pdOAtvJS6

13-02-12, 19:37
nicola it was my absolute pleasure :)just so you know my next big race is going to be a duathlon in wareham in april and again i would like to do it rasing funds for you guys :)