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30-04-04, 19:04
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to add my personal experience here with 'KALMS'.

I have been taking them for a few weeks now and I have to say they have done wonders for me.

I initially started using them for "irritability" and they not only have decreased my irritability but I feel too that they have enhanced my mood a bit for the better.

'KALMS' are not readily available in the US so our great friend Nic posted some to me and boy am I at her mercy for that. ;)

Thanks again Nic. :D

Take care all,

Diana xxxx

30-04-04, 19:26

Glad they are helping. Nice to see that something natural helps instead of all these drugs.

We will have to see how we are going to keep you supplied. I wonder if an on-line company will ship to the state. I will take a look for you ok?



04-05-04, 21:59

This company ships abroad ....



05-05-04, 19:49
hi guys hey i am happy they are helping you diana ,,i have been taking them for sometime now and they certainatly take the edge off the anxiety for me althou i dont take the recomended dose,,i just take 1 three times a day after food,,they have helped me have some sort of a regular sleeping pattern,,best wishes diana,,,,,,,xxdarrenxx

31-05-09, 21:19
very happy to know kalms do work...gonna try them today..hope they have the same effect on me as they had on you...
god bless!!!