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18-01-12, 05:07
Hiya, going to my Dr to see if he can precribe me some, am on betablockers but I can't sleep. Whats the usual dose for anxiety and how long dose it last in your body for and will I get some sleep on it please :)

Thank you xxx

18-01-12, 09:23
Hi diazepam is very effective against anxiety for short term use, 2mg takes about 10 - 20 mins to take effect and they have a long half life so stay in your system a while, they will def help calm you especially until any AD's you get prescribed kick in x x

18-01-12, 11:20
Hi Pauline when i took propanolol (beta blocker) i found i could't sleep either, however i do use daizapam as and when needed, and find it very helpfull for anxiety.

Most gp's are reluctant to prescribe it as they say it can be addictive, but if used only when needed it can be a lifesaver.

I found it especially helpfull, getting started on citalopram.


18-01-12, 11:52
hi all

I too am on diazepam whilst the citralopam kicks in, I take it only when needed and as my gp says your not gonna be addicted within a couple of weeks of taking this, for me it has been a godsend although I still get very anxious but it does take the edge off.

18-01-12, 15:34
Thank you all, he wouldn't give me it anyway lol xx

19-01-12, 16:33
I am considering asking for this too until the citalopram kicks in because I'm struggling to get through work right now! Stagmags have you taken one yet? Are they any good for depression cause by anxiety?

19-01-12, 17:24
Horrible stuff . . . Hated the way it left me feeling really drugged.

Better of without it. Highly addictive too.

Take care.

19-01-12, 17:39
Thanks mallan! I'm sure my doc will say the same!

19-01-12, 18:08
my doc wouldnt give me them or sleeping tablets....which Im glad about now,because I think I could have got quite used to popping a zopiclone and having the long sleep that my mum says they give you!!
I got a bit used to the high dose of cocodamol I was taking for back pain last year......the drowsy feeling it gave me at night was sooo nice.......no.....I have an addictive nature so I,ll steer well clear!!!

19-01-12, 18:09
hi clc

yes agree highly addictive but not when taken responsibly.my doc gave me them to use only if i was patricularly anxious or very panicky,she said i wouldnt be addicted within a couple of weeks. I have only taken them when needed and for me they have been an absolute god send, they wont prescribe them indefinetly anyway so i think addiction would be pretty hard. I dont take one every day.

19-01-12, 18:14
Dr might give you small amount , on a need to basis only for a short period of time , whilst I agree it is horrible stuff ( having been addicted to it before and not touched one for over 6 weeks ) , being out of hospital and coping last 2 weeks ok , had a very bad anxiety attack today , tried for three hours to get it under control but had no joy , anyway had a couple left in drawer 5mg , and had to take half a one ie 2.5mg , it did stop the attack in its tracks without the sense of being drugged so was reasonably happy about making the decision albeit hesitant with the worry oh no hope Im not going to get back on them , anyway made appointment to see Dr tomorrow to discuss the episode as unhappy with current medication and how it isnt doing anything for the anxiety so whilst he may not re prescribe me dimazepam for those urgent moments of need discuss the alternatives

When your at the peak of an attack and in that fearful moment , mind racing etc etc it can be a frightening place and myself being impulsive at this time does cause me problems, it wasnt as if I just decided to take it , I had tried for several hours to regain control but for some reason failed miserably with the relaxation etc and deep breathing.

As for addiction , yes without a doubt , it happens and you dont even know its happening , and coming off it , trust me you think panic attacks etc are bad , coming off that when your body used to it is 10x worse, so if you do get treat it with the utmost of respect and make sure only need to basis

20-01-12, 14:39
I am considering asking for this too until the citalopram kicks in because I'm struggling to get through work right now! Stagmags have you taken one yet? Are they any good for depression cause by anxiety?
Hi catherine, just to say i have diazapam 2mg, and found them very helpfull when starting cit.

I get them prescribed 14 every 2-3 months and use them when i am really anxious.

I have been using them for around 15 years, but not regularly, and would just like to point out that yes they can be addictive if used daily for a prolonged length of time, but any responsible gp would not let that happen.

also when i first got ill, i was told to take 1 three times a day for a week,
with no ill effects, what i am trying to say is if you are really struggling, talk to your gp, they might just let you have some in the short term. xx

18-04-12, 02:18
Hi I find diazipam very helpful and calming with betta blockers I have had mine on repeat script for over a year and half after ur body is used to them u don't feel drugged at all it is just normal u don't get addicted to feeling its because u depend on them in long run but I would advise any1 to try as they made my panic attacks disapper when I 1st got them and I was fine for a long time!!

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I would also like to point out that b4 I decide to go back on them I was taking everyday 4 a year and told my doctor I was ready to come off and stop myself I did not miss them at all addiction is in the mind to and aslong as u know u can't have all the time and take responsibly then no reason at all for any bad effects or addiction

19-04-12, 11:59
how long did you have to take the diazepam before the citalopram kicked in so you didnt need it any longer and what strength relieved the anxiety symptoms?