View Full Version : Anyone currently taking Buspirone?

eight days a week
18-01-12, 15:58
I've read most of the threads on here about it, and didn't find that much that was really helpful - it seems not much is known about this med!

Yesterday when I saw my psychiatrist he offered me pregabalin or buspirone. I already take a med that affects the brain in a similar way to pregabalin, so I chose buspirone.

I'm a bit worried about side effects, of course, though as I'm super-sensitive to any meds (as well as generally!) I'll be taking it very slow to increase the dose, if I decide to take it at all.

I'd love to hear from anyone who's taking it currently as I've a few questions if you don't mind. People who have taken it in the past I'd be very grateful for any input from you too, of course :)

From my reading on here it seems opinion is pretty much 50/50 positive/negative (or rather helped/didn't help) but as it's an alternative to benzos like diazepam/valium (but without the addictiveness) I wonder why more doctors don't at least try it for their patients?

My second psychiatrist said that he hasn't had particular success with it, but then went on to recommend it for me, how confusing! I think he just thinks it's worth a try.

I know it's not widely prescribed so do hope I will find a 'buspirone buddy' or two to talk to about it on here!! :D

eight days a week
19-01-12, 18:01
Any comments at all would be most welcome, but here's one thing that's puzzling me for starters. My psychiatrist said that it's only recommended for short term use (a few months - it takes a few weeks to build up in your system to work)) but that if it helps I could stay on it for as long as I wanted. That makes sense (if it helps then stay on it) but then...why's it indicated for short term use?! :shrug: