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21-01-12, 13:00
I have just switched from citalopram to Paroxetine. Any good stories would be appreciated. I am well aware of the withdrawal problems! How long for it tend to take to kick in? Does it make you sleepy? Ive heard about weight gain but I'm not to bothered about that.

21-01-12, 18:17
Hi clc

I've previously taken paroxetine twice in the past and on both occassions its been fantastic, unfortunately, after many happy stable years on it a new GP suggested I stop taking it - I wish I hadn't, as third time around it hasn't helped me.

BUT, when it did work, it worked fantastically and I would have recommended it to anyone. I don't go in for all the horror stories on sites like paxilprogress and seroxatmad, because I was suffering so badly with depersonalisation/derealisation that I thought I'd be locked up in a padded cell at any moment (long before I knew that this is common with anx).

To answer you specific questions, it never made me sleepy the first two occasions I used it and only took about 2-4 weeks for me to start noticing an improvement at 20mg a day, by 6-8 weeks I felt like "me" again. I did put on weight, but that was only because I was happy to be "me" again and have an appetite back (I was under 7 stone so I saw any weight gain as a positive, not a negative).

I don't know if you'll experience any side effects, going from one SSRI to another as everyone seems to react differently, but I wish you the best of luck.

21-01-12, 19:54
Hi Lauz! Thank you that was really helpful! I too am under 7 so weight gain is a good thing! Saw your commont on the other thread you are more than welcome on there too :)