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22-01-12, 20:05
Hello there im 16 years old, ive had horrible DP AND DR for 3 months now and the thought that i dont know my own mind and i feel im seperate to my own mind and body.. is this common with dr dp ... also my anxiety symptoms are FLUSH, burning hot face, ears and tingly head... also face aches and headaches, i pretty much get them every night, i suppose im just looking for some reassurance...

Is the hot face and aches all anxiety, and the mind "losing it" all dp dr anxiety too?

Help guys xxx:scared15:

22-01-12, 20:12
You need to just calm down, and except all these symptons are anxiety.. youve done a few threads now with same symptons and we have all assured you its anxiety causing the DP DR- The headaches , tingly, aches are all anxiety, had them myself over last few days now... the more of a state you work up into, the more you will get the DR DP and body pain... Really try to go off and do something to occupy yourself, you really need to rest your mind, and then youll find these things calm down.:)

22-01-12, 20:15
Yeah thanks :), its just scary and horrible, i just want to get on with my life with all this coursework and everything, this is hell :( Xx

22-01-12, 20:19
It is scary, and at 16 you shouldnt be having to suffer all this... not nice at all...and i really feel for you....but you will come out the other side... try concentrating on your coursework...x

22-01-12, 20:41
Acceptance is one of the key things with anxiety. I have felt better the last couple of days where I have been accepting my symptoms as anxiety and it really helps.

22-01-12, 20:57
i definitly have accepted it mate, im just waiting for the ****er to go away:( x thanks guys

22-01-12, 20:59
Also remember not to fight it or it will never go. Also try and keep active and do things to take your mind of it, it really does work. As they say, the devil makes work for idle thumbs.

22-01-12, 21:03
Thanks for the advice jay mate