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24-01-12, 14:53
I have an appt for someone to come to my house in a few weeks to do a health/work capability assessment.

I don't know what to expect, my GP writes 'Anxiety and agoraphobia' on my certificates.

Can anyone give me an idea of how this differs from a physical assessment (ie mobility related) I'm expecting the worst, expecting that this person will just try and make me out to be some sort of lazy git when I've always worked previous to May 2011 and never had a penny from the governement.


24-01-12, 15:07
tell him how you are what your days are like
show him any meds you take
ans have some one with you when he or she comes
good luck
god bless

25-01-12, 13:39

Got a letter this morning but it's no help at all.


eight days a week
25-01-12, 15:21
It's been a few years since I had my last medical (due to ATOS cock-ups) but if the system is still the same they will give you the same medical at home as you would have if you could travel to a centre. I.e. they will ask you about the physical AND mental sides of your illness (even though the physical side didn't apply to me he still had to ask me all the questions).

You'll be asked questions about how your illness affects you day-to-day.

It might be handy to make lists of everything you want to tell them in advance. It's hard to remember everything on the day.

There's a very similar thread with more advice here:


Good luck, sure you'll be fine! :)

25-01-12, 18:13
Thank you! That's really helpful.

It's taken over a year and a half to get this far. They are feckless morons. Even my GP had nothing good to say.



06-02-12, 15:37
Starting to worry now....what's the protocol? Do I offer him/her a cup of tea?

I'm even worrying how to dress....I don't want to look too smart in case they think I am some rich type!


06-02-12, 16:45
no!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you can make tea he say you can work in a cafe
god bless

07-02-12, 10:37
Lol @London!


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Well, it's done. she was very nice actually and told me what her report would be (favourable for me) so I'm not feeling too bad.

Need a cuppa now though.


07-02-12, 10:42
i had mine a few weeks ago and the woman was lovely, infact all she talked about was how her mum had anxiety badly and couldnt get out, there actually not as bad as we imagine them to be lol ,hopefully it will work out ok for you im still waiting to hear back

08-02-12, 13:03
This lady was actually very critical of my GP and before she left (I think she could see I was struggling not to cry) she put her hand on mine and said 'you bottled everything up didnt you? Tried to struggle on? There's no shame in admitting you need help'

She wished me well and shook my hand. to be honest I burst into tears as soon as she had gone, I'd built myself up for a nasty experience.
MH x