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15-06-06, 10:54
Normally my panic attacks only last a relatively short period, but last year after a big one my heart rate wouldn't slow down for a couple of weeks, the top of my head felt like it had vanished and I had a constant 'floaty' feeling.

My husband booked me in for a reflexology session that was supposed to be an hour long, and during it not only did my heart rate slow but for the first time I felt real again - and the top of my head felt like it was back !
The reflexologist was a bit of a crazy hippy, but excellent at what she did - she even did an extra half hour for free as she said that I seemed so strung out that I clearly needed it !

The main thing was her holding both of my feet quite firmly and putting pressure on the part of the foot that corresponds to the solar plexus in a slow rhythmic pulse beat. (I think it was somewhere in the middle top of each foot).

When I got home I had my first proper sleep in ages.

15-06-06, 13:40
Claire I am so glad this helped!!!

I am halfway through my training to be a reflexologist so its nice to get opinions of the therapy.

Love Piglet (another crazy hippy type :D:D:D)!!!!!!!!!!

"Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?" said Piglet.
"Supposing it didn't," said Pooh after careful thought.

15-06-06, 13:50
hey claire and Piglet.

One of my bessie mates is training at the mo to be a reflexologist, she is in the middle of her exams.
I love to be practised on, even if it doesnt do anything, the time out and relaxation is fab!!!

Hay x