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28-01-12, 15:16
Hope this link takes you to the right thread.

will be starting process of changing GP if not happy soon, have complained recently so will try these one more time to see if complaint has got through


Or am I blowing things out of proportion?

Any similar experiences would be worth hearing.

I have recently contacted PALS but they say you have to be referred by GP.

A relative (non drinker) has had a few on brain, he had to go via private route and it looks expensive. his scan showed up immune problem but has now cleared up according to latest one. He has been given steroids and strong immune supressents or summat


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Just to add, caused some arguments last time I mentioned this regards self inflicted injury and taxpayers money, now I accept the self inflicted part, but I thought the reason for tax on drink was akin to a type of insurance that was supposed to be allocated to these problems.

I have made the mistake and inflicted the injury, I have paid ample tax via booze, and now seem to be getting hassle, it would have been much simpler to save the tax myself and pay for my own health care (in theory) eg a scan as a first step would have settled my mind greatly. At the moment they seem to be sending me in circles. Had already been for assesments for Mental Health and 3 times given the all clear, nothing wrong up there, the fourth time they would not even asses me, but now it appears they are taking this rout again, sent me for assesment and the therapist said I can have another 9 one hour sessions , plus they have referred me to cardiac, now I am certain these things are symptoms of an organic condition, so feel they are wasting cash sending me in circles, and the literature the therapist has given me after our first meeting alll concentrates on it solely being panic attacks so is confusing to decipher and answer honestly.

I know my attitude at first glance appears very bad , but I have worked in healthcare and can see through some of their actions and can understand why they take them.