View Full Version : Have you tried other meds but gone back to Paroxetine?

29-01-12, 21:00
Hello there, can someone help me? :)

I was prescribed Paxil (Paroxetine) for panic attacks and depression back in 2004 (20mg a day) and the medication worked very well until April 2011 when I was abusing alcohol due to personal reasons.

So I visited my doctor and told her about my problems, she then changed me over to Mirtazapine, which I have been taking since April of last year. I have been on 15mg, then up to 30mg - both of which do nothing for me (apart from make me feel like a zombie and sleep all the time).

Because of this, I am going back to my doctor tomorrow morning and want to chat about Paroxetine.

Is there a chance that it would work for me again? Because I've read on various internet forums that you should never go back to Paroxetine, as it doesn't work the second time.

I really hope this isn't true because out of all the anti depressants I've tried, Paxil worked wonders for a long time.

Or is it worth me trying something new like Citalopram?

29-01-12, 22:24
I was on Paroxetine for 14 years and it worked really well for me, until September 2009. I've been on many SSRI's and tricylic ad's over the years and other drugs like lithium and pregabalin. I'm now on Sertraline.

I can honestly say Paroxetine helped me the most. But I've never went "back on it".