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16-06-06, 12:23
hi, as some of you know I'm still struggling with constant dp/dr. In the last two weeks I can honestly say I have fully accepted these symptoms for anxiety symptoms and have been living a normal life just like before this started. However, I have not really seen any improvement in these symptoms which sometimes makes me think that maybe it isn't anxiety related at all? It started for me after I drank too much alcohol 5 months ago I woke up with this dp/dr feeling and its been with me ever since. I have never had anxiety before this so I often think the alcohol did this to me not anxiety. I would appreciate any advice on this topic.


21-06-06, 10:18
Had a bit of this last year, along with fast heart rate and other things. One thing that brought me back down to earth was a reflexology session as it made me feel grounded for the first time in quite a while.

Might be worth a try?

I would doubt it was alcohol when it continues like this...

23-06-06, 14:55
iv experience depersonalisation for a few seconds at a time. (along with many other symptoms) i had no idea what the hell was happening and it caused serious panic at the time!

now i know its anxiety, its 100% bettter, and i know im not going mad!

there is always going to be some doubt in the back of your mind, but the symptoms will be purely down to these kicking off the anxiety, and the more you worry the worse they will be.

you want to be at the position where you can think to yourself, yep its anxiety, what a freaking joke, go away and stop bothering me! you have the power to be on top of everything thats happening, trust me! just be confident in yourself! :)

24-06-06, 11:17
Hi Sam, have you read Claire Weekes books? Because according to her the fact you are still thinking about it means you havent *truly* accepted it. If you had the fact it was still there wouldn't cause you to think about it. Don't blame me blame her for that! LOL

Face, accept, float, let time pass