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Lesley T. Matthewson
04-05-04, 13:55
Hi, Here goes.

I am a mum with a 17yr old 6'2" son. He is suffering from acute tonsilitas? The Doc. wants to test for Glandular Fever as it doesn't respond to medication. BIG PROBLEM!!

He has a fear of needles and blood [only his own blood]. We actually got as far as him lying down on the surgery bed today [he has fainted before when injected]. When the nurse put the strap around his arm, he burst into tears, threw up and lay crying like a baby. Pale, shaky, sweaty too!

He is losing time at work because of the illness [he's a chef and obviously for health reasons can't work when ill]. He said afer that he feels like a right p**t!

How can I help him. I feel useless.

I have two others kids,a son, 10 [a bit woozy at the site of blood] and a daughter 14 [fine about everything]. There is nothing in his past that has scared him about this.

Please help a desperate mum and a very embaressed teen.:(

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04-05-04, 14:18
Hi Lesley,

Him amd millions of others. It is such a spontaneous reaction.

Was he worried about it excessively whilst waiting to go in or just when faced with it ?
It really depends on whether he is prepared to face it again. If he is, in this circumstance when you really need the sample, it may help to use EMLA cream so he really won't feel a thing and just do it- despite the symptoms and a potential faint. However, stick his legs in the air first which will help. He's probably still growing so will have low blood pressure anyway which won't have helped at all. Get some sugar and rescue remedy in him pre sample too and ensure he's well hydrated. Lying on his Left side takes the pressure off the vagal nerve too which can stimulate the faint.
If all else fails - a touch of valium will help if they're determined to get a sample.

Ladies - remember giving birth - often you get chucked on the left side if there are issues..

If he isn't prepared to try again than there's not much you can do - he's over the age of giving his own consent. If it is glandular fever you'll soon know as other glands at back of his neck and armpits and groin will come up too - like golf balls.

If they do, then plenty of Vit C. I took far too much over the recommended dose but I was well within 3 weeks, having first been told I had leukaemia as I had no white cells and then that they were off the scale they were so high.

For the future he could have slow exposure therapy to help. Was he like this if he falls over and cuts himself too ?


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

Lesley T. Matthewson
04-05-04, 14:37
Hi, thanks for the quick reply Meg.

Not so worried about the fainting [thats why he was lying down, so I didn't have to pick him up off the floor, he's a big lad] CHUCKLE! I think he is a bit worried about making a fool of himself if he does though. He refused to have his BCG jab because of the needle and we have just been notified he is overdue his tetanus, diptheria and polio booster. Some chance of having those done.

Yes, he was like this thru his child hood. Sight of his own blood = pale, sweaty and shakey. I'm dreading him cutting himself at work.

I will try to talk to him later about giving it another go. He is asleep on the sofa at the moment. Ahhhh Bless!.

He has said that as you can't treat Glan.Fever whats the point of the blood test. The trouble is the doc has said she cannot give him any more antibiotics until she knows what she is treating. Understandable. I don't think he is thinking straight, at the moment. Will let u know what happens.


PS He is seriously considering applying to the polce force when he's 18, but I have told him that he needs to have all his jabs up to date hoping this might jolt him into action.

PPS just remembered - when he was 2, he fell over and cut his forehead badly. Lots of blood and a wound that needed several stitches. He screamed the hospital down then and they asked us to leave the treatment room.

Perfection is the norm....Miracles can take a little longer. Dragon Lady

04-05-04, 14:46
Hi Lesley,

I tend to agree with him about having this blood test - although it is good to know definately for future records etc

If he does have Glandular fever you will know about it..

No excuse about polio - a drops soaked lump of sugar or just the bitter drops for adults!

I would have though H+S at work would insist on tetanus and diptheria and Hepatitis A at least.

Good luck


'There can only be true courage when first there is genuine fear'

Dr.David Livingstone

05-05-04, 13:11
I was diagnosed with glandular fever twice after blood tests - although I know you are not meant to be able to have it twice. Anyway I was not very ill either time, just had a sore throat really.


08-05-04, 21:55
Hi Lesley,

How is you and your son doing ?


Lesley T. Matthewson
11-05-04, 22:26
Hi All,

We saw another Doc. at the surgery as my son was really bad, almost closed up. She spoke to him about the tests, but we still could not convince him:(. Anyway, he was coughing blood where his throat was so raw, so she gave him much stronger antibiotics. You would not believe the difference two days later, my teenager with an attitude is back. [The silence was nice for a while]. We have spoken about the needle and blood thing and I think we may go back to docs about some therapy. But, good news is he seems fine now Yeh!! :D Thanks to Meg for the advice and support. I hope you all get the love and support from this forum to help you get through your troubles. Take care all. I will pop back from time to time.

Thanks again

Lesley ;)

Perfection is the norm....Miracles can take a little longer. Dragon Lady