View Full Version : Can I Get A Copy

04-02-12, 18:55
This may sound strange but does anyone if i can get a copy of my head Mri i had done a few months ago. As seen the specialist who ask for the mri last week and he has them on his computer screen as was wondering if i can copy them.

I am not to sure of the reason i would like a copy but just for some reason i think i do.:blush:


04-02-12, 19:25
I doubt it very much to be honest but no harm in asking

04-02-12, 19:31
i doubt you can get a copy, but you can go back to docs and ask them to show you it on screen and explain anything you wanted to know.

30-04-12, 18:39
I wanted a copy too after mine! I haven't asked, I just think it would be cool to look at a picture of my own brain...