View Full Version : anyone taken seroquel/quetiapine? help!

10-02-12, 12:11
anyone have palpitations on this? I have been on this as a mood stabilizer but get rapid heart beating and my legs go weak about an hour after taking it, as anxiety is a major problem for me this is not helping as it actually feels like panic attack symptoms and I phoned the mental health clinic twice to tell them this was happening and all I get is well keep taking it until you get your next appt and see what the dr says. I havent even been given another appt.

I went for an ecg about 2 hrs after taking them and lying down my heart was doing 99bpm! I am scared they will give me heart attack or something and so totally defeating the object of taking them. The list of side effects on these is so scary. I dont know what to do please help

10-02-12, 13:15
I did take this for a while some months back.......... the only side effect I had was it made my speech slurry for about an hour after I took it.

11-02-12, 18:14
please how long were you on it for at what dose and can I ask why you stopped it? were you on it as a mood stabiliser?
I have been cutting down and I feel terrible. my anxiety is through the roof

16-04-12, 19:41
hi i'm mark.i'm new here and a bit nervous abt posting.i take a variety of drugs to control my anxiety/depression problems.among my medications i take 45mg of mirtazipine daily,3 beta blockers and 40mg of temazepam at night to get a sleepi ended up getting landed with seroquel when they took melleril off the market.before ending up on the seroquel i had bad experiences with other drugs such as haloperidol and buspar to name just 2.i now take 625 mg of seroquel in 5 125 doses.i find i function pretty normally apart from tiredness sometimes (though i take a few other meds as well so cant blame the seroquel).seemingly reading things on here that seems to be a hefty dose.all i know from my own experience is it took ages to find me a tablet that suited me which included me becoming addicted to completely legally prescribed diazepam.that took 14 months of my life to get rid of that addiction.this is probably no help to anyone but hope it is to at least 1 person

17-04-12, 13:33
hi mark and welcome to the forum. it seems that seroquel works well for you. It is such a relief when you finally find a med that you can tolerate and that helps! I had to come off seroquel as it just increased my heartrate and so increased the anxiety. I am now on zyprexa which seems to suit me, no major side effects. I have found that antideps make me hyper and even these mood stabilisers I have found to be activating. Not good for the anxiety! I also have diazepam for bad days but have tried not to take too often as I don't want to end up addicted. How are you coping on the whole?

17-04-12, 16:48
i'm just like everyone else i suppose.i'm just trying to live a day at a time.i have a few physical problems as well so i take a lot of medication.the 1 that beats me up the most though is hydradeniitis supurativa;it's a skin condition that causes abcesses in places where u sweat(not nice places).been hospitalised more than once because of the lancing and then packing of open wounds.if i'm getting them bad i know because i end up being physically sick because of the poison running through my system.this means constantly changing high doses of changeable anti biotics.apart from the anti biotics here's a list of the regular meds i take;
temazepam 40mg at night as a sleeper
seroquel 5 doses of 125mg a day
mirtazipine 45mg at night
co-codamol 30/500mg as needed
tramadol 100mg as needed
lymecycline 408mg in the morning(my 1 constant anti biotic)
ramipril 10mgs in the morning
amlodipine 10mg daily
bisoprolol 10mg daily
simvastatin 40mg at night
zantac 300mg at night or as required as the high doses of anti biotics are tearing the stomach out of me.seeing it like that all laid out's kind of freaky.it seems a lot.i also have to carry a bag of pills with me EVERYWHERE i go just as another inconvenience.as for the seroquel i find that if i don't take my doses every 4 hrs i get goosebumps,start sweating and just talk quite manically.dont know if anyone on here has had any similar problems......mark

02-05-12, 08:16
Mark I so so feel for you, that must be awful to live with, I really hope you can feel better soon.
To the Quetiapine question...I was on 100mg a day (a small dose I know). I had no nasty side effects like rapid heart rate, but for me I got a horrible one. Weight gain! It was making me extremely hungry and I was eating for eating sake. I was actually more depressed taking this drug because I knew I was getting fat and none of my favourite jeans would fit me anymore. I had to go out and buy larger jeans and people started to comment on how much weight I had put on. I was so upset and then I made the desicion to stop taking it. I was on it for 9 months and I went from 9stone 8 to 11stone 4.
Now I have stopped taking it 4 weeks ago I haven't increased in weight gain I have stayed the same which I am pleased about because now I can concentrate on losing the weight.