View Full Version : Anyone on natural remedies alone?

19-06-06, 16:54
Just wondered if anyone is taking natural remedies and not artificial ones? Am having probs with side effects so wondered if nayone with severe anxiety and depression has had any joy with natural remedies.

19-06-06, 16:56
what natural remedies are you takin hun?
Becci x

19-06-06, 17:10
I'm just taking natural remedies, calm amd Calmer by Lifetime Vitamins. I also use Rescue remedy and anxiety bland (an aromatherapy blend by Mother earth) which i use in massage and oil burner. I am also doing daily guided visualisation and relaxation which has been really helpful, they come on CD by Dawn awakening Music. Hope this helps.

Take care

'This too will pass'

19-06-06, 17:12
oh sorry lol think i missed read! u mean your on meds now, but thinking bout taking natural remedies?! St johns wort may help for depression, and could cool the anxiety, as depression can cause a big part in your anxiety.
Becci x

19-06-06, 17:14
What are these calm and camer? never heard of them! they good for anxiety? I wont have prescribed meds, but i do take interest in natural medicine. ive tried kalms, but didnt realy notice that big of a differance
Becci x

marie ross
19-06-06, 17:30

I also won't take prescribed meds, all i take is rescue remedy, which does seem to take the edge of things (well for me anyway!!!)

Exercise helped me a lot as well, when i kept at it, i felt brilliant, it gave me such a high and my anxiety all but disappeared. Unfortunately i've slipped back into my old habits (no exercise and too much wine!!!) and i'm anxious all the time again.

Hope you find something that helps you.

Take care.

Marie XXX

19-06-06, 19:13
Hi - like the others - i dont take meds but I take Kalms or Natracalm and rescue remedy before a difficult situation. It helps with general anxiety but I still cant queue in oveheated shops or go up escalators but stairs are ok!! Love wenjoy x

20-06-06, 10:23
Hmm seems like it's worth maybe giving it a go. I think I'm going to discuss this with my GP next week.

05-07-06, 17:25

Just wondered how you got on with your GP and whether they had any advice on natural remedies.

I have only been using natural remedies, and I have some good and some bad days. I think I need something else to help me but I'm not sure what else to try. I plan to go back to GP next week and see what they say.

Just wondered if yours had anything of interest re natural or alternative remedies.