View Full Version : Thinking about starting this Clomipramine?

20-02-12, 21:27
Hi everyone,
I was just wondering how everyone else found this medication? I was put on Fluoxetine 20mg 8 days ago but I don't think it agreed with me, It made my OCD/derealization worse, so I went back to the doctors today and he has changed my meds to 10mg of Clomipramine, I know it's a very low dose but i'm worried about starting it & maybe I haven't given the prozac time to kick in?
I'm just worried all together with taking anti-depressants, it's as if as soon as I take it i'm on edge waiting for something bad to happen so I can't really tell if it's the meds or if it's just me getting myself in a mess. I would be grateful for any advice.
Many thanks.

21-02-12, 18:16
Hey mate
im going the doctors tomorrow to see about putting me on meds, one thing i shall say is you have to give it time to work and figure out whats wrong, im saying it myself but im shitting it to start them, but we have to give it couple weeks to kick in, if you didnt already