View Full Version : can paroxetine cause blurried vision help im freakimg out

22-02-12, 17:48
I need help is.paroxetine making me blurries vision is been a week know and today.i.got.blurried vision

24-02-12, 04:19

I'm not sure but all I know is that last time I tried it (I was on it previously to this time) which I only took for less than a week.....I had distorted vision in one eye which lasted from the time I woke up until lunch time! It was absolutely terrifying! I stopped taking it as of that day. But when I was on it years before I didn't have any issues.

Hope that helps

24-02-12, 13:38
I am currently on paroxetine and have not had that side effect, but it is a listed possible side effect of the med. I would tell your doctor, and hopefully he/she will prescribe something else for you.

25-02-12, 10:09
Yes! I don't wanna scare you, but when I took seroxat, I got a very blurred vision and different sized pupils.
It bothered me a lot, and I had to stop seroxat after 4 weeks because of bad side effekts. (not only the blurred vision)