View Full Version : Zyprexa/olanzapine Ranbaxy

23-02-12, 11:01
Hi All
Anyone had much experience with this drug in small doses?
GP has suggeseted I try it, but of course i read the dreaded leaflet that comes with it and now I can barely prod the box with a long stick.....

23-02-12, 11:14
I took this drug for about a year. In my case it was used to treat my psychosis during a breakdown, but I have heard it can be used in small doses to treat anxiety. Apart from restless legs (akathisia) the main side effect I noticed was rapid and trememendous weight gain. After a year I changed to Abilify, which I have been on ever since.

Olanzapine is magic at treating psychosis. It really did the trick very quickly. But if you do decide to take it, watch your diet and take as much exercise as possible, because it is notorious for its weight gaining properties in some people.

23-02-12, 11:32
Hi i take 5mg of this a day to help with my panic disorder and it does help me xx

23-02-12, 12:09
I'm on it 15mg at night help me sleep, before the pills i could get quite angry and would cry easily , Now i can't cry at all and i've been having a really hard time
Quite like them no real side effects of the pills that i can tell

Apart from unnable to lose the extra few pounds