View Full Version : musician and music lovers!!! attention please!

24-02-12, 00:08
hey guys its me again with more fundraising......
as a musician my self and a producer i am working on recording a cd with various local (and hopefully some not so local) musicians...... these cd's will be recorded and printed and then sold for a small sum and all money raised will be going too N.M.P so this is what i need from you guys:

if you are a musician: for you to contact me to record or record and send me a song that is mixed (or separate tracks if you would like me to mix it) of a song (can be a cover or original (kind of nmp focused))

if you are a lyricist: and would like to write a song based on nmp what its about or the work it does then i have artists than can work it into something magical

if you are a music lover: please tell me what kind of genre you would like to hear as a lot of the artists at the moment are acoustic but we can rock, blues, jazz, swing, things up if you like

please either comment below or inbox me to arrange anything would be great to have as much input from you guys as possible